Social networking: Pill for self esteem?

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I sometimes wonder, why would a 13 year old teenager be so worried about how her profile picture on a famous social networking site (SnS) looked? Not going very far, and asking my teenage cousin the reason about this unreasonable trend, I got the answer. She said "It's because it makes you feel good about yourself, and the number of comments make you popular amongst your peers". To be frank, I was not very surprised. But still questioned myself, 'Why would feeling good about yourself depend on s...

When someone tells you that he/she is suffering from a coronary disease, his/her child is suffering from pneumonia do we give them a weird look and make them feel uncomfortable ? Do we consider them as social outcasts ? Or advise them to put them up with chains away from the world ? Or do you'll feel ashamed of a family member suffering from the same? Or do we support them and advise them to seek professional help ? I guess most of us do the latter part. Then WHY do we treat people suffering fr...

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    I like to study Human behavior and understand why one behaves the way he does. I find solace in helping people in distress. I believe "A calm and peaceful mind, facilitates calm and peaceful actions". I like doing independent research related to mental health. For my recreation I like to read, play basket ball, enjoy with family and friends.

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