Herramientas y Recursos para Jóvenes

The Youth Media Toolkit

You always wanted to take a really good photo, but didn't know how to? This guide will help you learn how to producing different types of media (photos, blogs, audio, etc.) and display them on Voices of Youth to share with the world!


Guide to Action

Gather your friends and/or other young people that want to make an impact and follow this guide that will prepare you to take action, raise awareness on an issue and make a difference in your community!


Action Plan

Utilicen esta plantilla para identificar cuál es el tema que les interesa investigar en su comunidad. Posteriormente, den los pasos necesarios para tratar el problema que han identificado. ¡Si planifican correctamente sus tareas y actividades, podrán hacer oír sus opiniones y marcar la diferencia en sus comunidades!


United Nations Student Leadership Conference on Development

Participating youth and teachers of the United Nations Student Leadership Conference on Development, download this document for instructions on how to create a post, login, register, and dates for the conference.


Your Guide to Instagram & Vine on VOY

Learn how to record short videos to show your perspective on issues, opportunities and events in your community. Use this guide to get tips on how to shoot and upload Vine and Instagram videos!


UNSLCD Plan of Action Resources

You have started your discussions on Connect for the UN Student Leadership Conferences. These resources will prepare you on how to begin turning your ideas on VOY Connect to the final draft in document form.


UNSLCD Plan of Action

This is the final draft of the Plan of Action. Submit your feedback, share your experiences, and join others in the discussion right here on Connect.


Herramientas y Recursos para Maestros

Conduct Classroom or Club Debates

Los debates constituyen una manera muy eficaz de lograr que los jóvenes piensen sobre las cuestiones de importancia local y mundial. También pueden servir para que las dudas y los asuntos complicados se transformen en conocimientos y opiniones informadas.


Group Facilitation Tips

Tips for educators on how to manage group facilitation and efficiently teach outside the traditional classroom setting.


Leading Connect Sessions

Step-by-Step guide for educators to conduct Connect sessions efficiently offline and online.


Participatory Learning Methodologies

Introduction to 21st century education and group learning methodologies.


Icebreakers and Warm-up Activities

A list of activities to be conducted before a session or during break time to make participants more comfortable and more engaged.


Syria No Lost Generation Educators' Guide

As the crisis in Syria continues, and reaches its 3rd year, the US Fund for UNICEF provides us with a global citizenship brief which serves as a guide for educators and teachers when introducing this topic in their classroom. It includes background information of the conflict and discussion activities for adolescents.

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