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Plural+ Awards 2014: "Deepening Community"

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Interview with Michael, William, Mathew and Nathan, four young filmmakers from Canada. 1. What is your video about? We were approached by the author, Paul Born, of the book called: Deepening community, finding joy together in chaotic times. He asked us to make a video and song about the book and then sent us off to do our thing. We wanted to get across a combination of books’ views on community as well as our own experiences of community. The videography came naturally when...

How We Should Live.

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It is easy for us to blame our defeats and misfortune on others. We tend to criticize people without having an idea about their circumstances and we prefer to believe in prejudges without going through facts. It is easy for us to spread hatred and to call for wars and we find it more comfortable to blame a communities for a crime or sin committed by an individual. We spend our lives focusing on one tiny detail to the point that we miss the whole picture; which is bigger and bri...


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I believe in equality. Equality in its absolute purest way. Because if we break it down to the basics, we cannot find a difference in us. Everyone of us is a human being. We are made of atoms which once were part of one giant earth ball - long before there was life. Every nuance - and every thought - comes from there. From atoms such as hydrogen, iron, carbonate, oxygen and nitrogen. That is what we are made of. Each and everyone of us. And everyone of us has a heart that p...


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HOPE Like feathers that perch in the soul, The tune without the words, Resembling the distant sounds of trains, Carrying life-saving embers of Victorian coal. Beautiful things come out of nowhere, A touch of providence ushered by the diviner's sword. We cannot always understand, But we have to trust. The sages say, 'question everything', The cynic cheers 'yes'. Reality erodes all affection, Faith, love and spirit charge screaming, 'bless!' 'Hum...

Girls Empowerment

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Although half of the total population of the world is composed of females, females are lagging far behind than males. Mostly gender inequality contributes to the backward position of females because it is gender inequality that causes lack of education, malnutrition, early marriage, trafficking of girls & women, physical & mental violence over girls & women etc. So, to minimize the gender inequality & to empower girls in the school, we organized "Girls Rising Documentary Show &am...

In the Worst Year of Child Rights

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According to UNICEF Report, 2014, the year 2014 is declared as the worst year for child rights. According to the report, globally 230 million children live in the countries & areas torn by armed conflicts. Children are facing war, violence, atrocities & violence. They are killed, orphaned, kidnapped, tortured, raped & even sold as slaves. We can't forget the kidnapping incident of 200 Nigerian school girls & most recent attack on school children in Peshewar. Although the world i...

The Power of Virtual Volunteering

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While studying for final exams at the Trinity College library in Hartford, Connecticut, USA, I received a phone call from one of my mentees, an economically disadvantaged high school senior whom I have been advising on his college applications throughout the academic year. I connected with him through The Collegiate Blog, a virtual college admissions mentoring program that matches experienced U.S. undergraduate student mentors with economically disadvantaged and underrepresented U....

A Poem for Ebola

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This is a poem which I have written for Ebola Awareness. It is a cover of a song too (see note afterwards) Light one candle for the Ebola victims With hope that their light doesn’t die Light one candle for the pain they endured When their right to live was denied Light one candle for the terrible sacrifice Justice and freedom demand But light one candle for the wisdom to know How to stop Ebola from invading our lands. Don't let the light go out! Ebola...

México, las normales rurales y los 43 estudiantes que nos faltan. (#Ayotzinapa)

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En México a nivel nacional el número de personas en situación de pobreza fue de 53.3 millones en 2012. En México, históricamente las comunidades indígenas y rurales, han padecido la falta de oportunidades educativas, las cuales siguen enfrentando problemas de discriminación y exclusión social. La inversión educativa sigue siendo desfavorable y los programas educativos siguen sin atender las necesidades reales de la población. No existe una distribución equitativa de lo...

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