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Everyone is talking about the same thing and that is “youth unemployment”. Youth unemployment has become a common subject such that it has put government under pressure from oppositions. Many are blaming government to be on inertia over the same subject. This is because qualified youths do jobs that are readily available. With an influx of institutions that offer higher education, youths are now able to access tertiary education and acquire skills to do jobs.

Now the question one would ask is “why is there so much unemployment in a country with abundance an of resources?” The answer may be that the percentage of local investment is too low. Many youths only aspire to be employees, not employers. Therefore, youths wait for investors from outside to come and employ them. Since there are a lot of institutions that offer tertiary education the other reason could be that there is stiff competition when it comes to employment.

Youths can do something about this since they are a majority. Firstly, youths need to be innovative. It is not just a matter of getting a degree and one wait for employment instead one should use the skills learnt in tertiary education to start up investments. Also government should encourage and sensitize youths about investments to venture in and create opportunities. These and other solutions could help cushion the high levels of unemployment in the country.

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