20 Pacific Solutions for a Sustainable Future


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Recently, I asked this question to young people in the Pacific: "If we had to come up with 20 (Pacific) Solutions for a Sustainable Future, what would they be?"

SO that when I am at the 6th World Youth Congress, Pacific youth also have a shot at getting their voice heard - and I would not be standing alone. I was amazed with the great responses from the future leaders. I believe it is worth sharing with the world because we here in the Pacific are just like you(th) from any corner or the "centre" of this planet.

The solutions are simple things we now talk about in our everyday lives. But they are important and need to be taken seriously in order for a future where all peoples of the world can live in harmony and complement each others existence.

Something to look forward for the youth delegates at the WYC from around the world!

  1. Education: start grassroots education on Sustainable Development – use the media and creative arts
  2. Participation: meaningful youth participation – empowering the future leaders
  3. Protection: protection of traditional knowledge
  4. Invest: invest more into renewable energy
  5. Commitment: more high-level commitment
  6. Collaboration: solidarity between the rich and the poor nations of the world
  7. Prioritization: prioritize economic development, environmental conservation and social equity
  8. Focus: on climate change adaptation first, then mitigation and climate financing
  9. Attitude: change your mind set – the challenges faced by the world today are global and can’t solve it locally. We need a global effort!
  10. Listen: listen to what young people are saying
  11. Be Responsible: take responsibility of your actions
  12. Don’t lost hope!
  13. Don’t lose hope!
  14. Don’t lose hope!
  15. Don’t lose hope!
  16. Don’t lose hope!
  17. Don’t lose hope!
  18. Don’t lose hope!
  19. Don’t lose hope!
  20. Don’t lose hope!

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