2017: A Message for another Year

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© Pattie Mallette (via Twitter)

© Pattie Mallette (via Twitter)

It’s been almost a week into the New Year.

Don’t tell me about all those resolutions, already flushed down the drain, I’m no longer a resolution believer.

I’ve bought the 2016 chapter in my life’s book to an ending with a great get-away together with the people who carry loads of meaning in my life. We vacationed where we had exactly a year ago, when ringing in 2016 – the Caribbean – and it got me thinking.

I remember the previous exactly one year ago vacation, a New Year’s Eve holiday, how I thought I wouldn’t even survive through the year ahead of us. I remember feeling so tired and finding it hard, making memories with the very people around me, and I remember how after tons of shaky tries at the future, we all together decided to jump into 2016 with just taking it day to day.

2016 was probably a very eventful, dense, heavy, hard year for almost all of us.

And I believe that whatever it was, we after all did get through the thickness, and now we’re on the other side.

And it’s also pretty common, for us to regard the year as the worst – it probably was – but then that commonness leads us to let the bad monsters shadow out and darken any good moments of 2016. Precious memories, achievements… all of that.

And I really hated, how all those end-of-the-year lists commemorating all of our losses, actually missed some of them. I found myself reminding others, to keep those people not listed in their lists in their prayers too.

I get it’s very hard to actually list everyone we’ve lost – I suddenly thought about all those millions of lives lost as migrants or innocent civilians in the war torn areas in the very world we live in. We’ll never know their stories and hardships, or even their names.

So I decided it there and then and led it out after one of my performances:

A prayer for humanity.

Instead of naming and listing our huge losses.

Because yes, there are many fellow humans, who we did loose, and need to grieve.

I personally had a few many losses in 2016 which I could start listing.

I acknowledge that the music industry, which I too belong to, has suffered an earthquake.

2016 saw us loosing many of our role models, elders, people we looked up to as inspirations. Legends. The best humans who could have existed.

And they all didn’t just teach us to enlist them down and grieve them.

True, they were some very immensely legendary people, and it is part of our duty to always keep their legacies alive.

But it’s also time now, actually, it’s the most desperate and much needed time…

Because 2016 wasn’t the sweetest sixteenth of the twenty first century, we must at least try to make the seventeenth a bit more successful.

And we can’t exactly regard some losses as ours, we all will have an ending to our life stories. We all will have legacies left behind, that depends whether our fellows will choose to tell them or let them bury in with us.

We also have a little say in the matter.

Our actions matter.

And that’s what I was getting to, when referring to the desperate moment we are at.

We have lost almost all of our fellow human legends, role models, and people who inspire us.

It’s time we realise that we need to ourselves create more legends and role models for our future beings, or fellow ones, to look up to.

We desperately need this.

And it’s not that there is any criteria or a gold mine which has depleted to an end.

You yourselves can be role models and legends.

We all can be, if only we realise this, and choose to be so.

I rang in the New Year with this big much needed message to spread.

The New Year rang in with the best fireworks all over the world, and I myself got to witness them in Miami, with some of the best humans in the world right by my side. When it was officially 2017, several many reminded me of the fact I too, was the best in the world. I’m sure you all use that adjective too to describe several and it’s my turn to say that you all are amazing human beings too in your own ways. You may not realise it.

I spent some time after my own performances and duties to meet the amazing people who support me in my day to day activities. I was reminded that I was ill, that it would be better for me to rest up, and I simply replied like I always do. The path of recovery though much needed, was not to be ignored, but would go ahead side by side to this affair I myself had invited everyone to come into. It meant and means a lot to me, how so many people from all over the world, come to appreciate what I do. And it’s not just one sided, they too had their hearts swelled up with appreciation for setting up some of my time to meet and greet them. The legendary remark was spot-on, that saying that the only thing that would redeem mankind is co-operation, and compassion.

We exchanged how we had enclosed our 2016s. How amazing the weather was different in some places of the globe, and even what plans and goals we had for 2017.

And this one young fan, after presenting to me a New Year card she herself had crafted, was keen to let me know a secret although she was shy: You are my role model, she said.

And I hear it every day, maybe.

I’m just sharing to you all what an honour it is for me to hear those words.

And it is always more honourable to know about more young people after looking up to people like me, getting to hear the very words.

Try being a role model for others this year.

Try inspiring others to join in your journey.

Because that’s what each and every one of us can do.

And if each and every one of us just bring some fine tuning to ourselves, I promise then that collectively, we will be happier and more successful.

Here’s to 2017.

- Unitika Schlawenger

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