21 Questions!

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I don't know how to start this note or make the words suitable for everyone to understand. Well the affair and situation at hand makes it porous to understand. Sometimes I ask myself:

*why must a man go through labor to eat? * why are young girls raped? * why are there hoodlums in our street? * why is the government not working towards advancement? * why is education porous and ill? * why is there a massive increase in unemployment? * why is Nigeria, listed as one of the most corrupt countries in the world? * why are we black? * why is life so difficult to understand? * why do we have the poor and rich, why aren't we equal? * why are the voices of youth always neglected? * why is there a spontaneous increase in divorce rates? * why do we pay evil with evil? * why do we have war? * why is there no love? * why is poverty, starvation and poor-development associated with Africans? * Technology is meant to make life better, then why do we use it to steal, cheat, bully, kill and cause havoc? * why is there no help rendered to the less privileged? * why is the budget meant for the economy shared amongst political gurus? * why do we have inter-religious wars? * why is there poverty?

I ask myself these questions every day. I can't comprehend or raise a hand to query or argue these notions, because I don't understand what is happening either. What do you think?

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