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I have been on a journey this year and I have been able to share my experiences with the VOY community. Discovering VOY was the best one this year! I have finally been able to share my thoughts with likeminded people and connect with people my age around the world who care about the same issues I care about and take an interest in. This is a community I love being be part of!

The earlier part of 2013 VOY became an escapism because I was able to put across a side of me who my friends did not see. After taking up Geography I felt comfortable enough to explore my different interests. I finally stumbled across the issue of ‘Girls and Education’ which changed my whole outlook on life.

I later discovered my ambition, whatever it takes I will work with children (emphasizing on work with girls in rural communities). So all was going well, I had it all planned out I would study Geography then work with an NGO. Unfortunately my circumstances changed and I was no longer studying a subject that I enjoyed.

The good news was my new subject involved some elements of Geography ^_^ but not enough!

The summer holidays returned and I was trying to grasp the idea of studying something that was not Geography, but I liked the subject which was the whole idea because I needed to complete this before I started university!

I returned to school to begin my new classes and still went back to my Geography classes when I had the time ^_^ (this helped me develop a different kind of like for my new subject).

During this time I had been a Virtual Youth Delegate for the International Conference on Population and Development Programme. This had given me a taste of what I really wanted to do!

So following on with that excitement I was preparing myself to apply for university, I spoke to my Geography teacher and he was trying to encourage me to pick Education Studies rather than Early Childhood Studies (because Early Childhood Studies was too narrow and at the time I was not all that into it).

To make this a bit shorter let’s just say I disregarded his advice because now I am proudly studying Early Childhood Studies and I love it! I am able to touch upon issues that affect children worldwide! I now have new goals and new opportunities! (http://www.voicesofyouth.org/en/posts/children-s-champion-for-unicef-----)

But all in all this would not have happened without VOY and even though I am just one contributor on a website along with many other users, VOY has allowed a new chapter to be opened in my life.

So yesterday on Twitter VOY asked what we had learned this year. My lesson for this year has been if you fight and work towards something it can be done. Even though the struggle may be long but it can be achieved (which is what I have done this year).

This is only the beginning of my journey and I want to thank you VOY for an amazing year!

^_^ ~

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