A call for charitable redistribution (iHunger | uEat)

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It sure's not news that drought has been confirmed in 3 E.African countries - it's all over the news and social networks. It's on twitter. It's on CNN. But then that's neither going to restore the state of these famine stricken countries nor give food to the populace.

I come from a school of thought that strongly believes in Redistribution. I believe there is enough resource - water, air, clothes, power, food, etc. to go round, but it is not evenly distributed to meet the needs of people. Some get to have surplus and others less than adequate.

So. Yes! There's now Drought in E.Africa,and famine is a consequence but a bunch of people somewhere - even in neighboring countries are in surplus and have to lend a helping hand to meet the needs of the less privileged.

Don't waste what you got because it's in surplus, but instead find ways to give it to those who really need it. The African Union, as well as other charity organizations - (not excluding individuals), must take it upon themselves that food, water and other resources are redistributed.

"Charity is not giving the dog a bone after eating all the meat, but sharing the bone with the dog while hungry"

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