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I was about to write blog about a street kid but then I ended up searching Unicef Philippines instead, and then I decided to just tell the story here. This might not be the best story you'll be reading but I hope this will somehow be an additional to your awareness of what's the reality for a street kid and what can cause him to smile.

I saw this boy this saturday early afternoon when I'm about to go home from a "trick or treat" event in our office. On my way I have with me 2 loot bags of candies and a choco-wafer stick (something like that).Then I saw a this boy ages between 10-12 holding an empty long sock which is actually more taller than him, his dress was like all white few days ago but then seems like all black now for he was like in the street throughout the week but i don't have any idea what's going on in his life but i know for sure that this little guy had never eaten his breakfast yet that Saturday morning i saw him. But as the story continues, I decided to give the two wafer-stick first since i have a feeling that this kind of food would be better for him to have (for breakfast). I never hear a word the time he received the food you know why? because he was actually staring at the food and feel like he's wondering what kind of food I gave him, it crushed my heart the moment i saw his innocent stare at the food knowing that this kind of food maybe common to some kids but not on him. Then i remember that I still have this two small plastic bags candies inside my bag and then i decided to give 1 plastic bag to him, for I was reserving 1 bag for another kid on the street. Most of us would say the word "HUH?" if we don't know what's on our hand but then to my surprise i never heard anything, he just nod once. The boy stared again to what i gave, I left and he's still looking closely at it and suddenly i guess he then realized that the bag was actually full of candies. As I was on my few steps of using the stairs of that street he called me. "ATE! (older sister) *THANK YOU!. I felt that the word "thank you" coming from an innocent boy was a sound. I don't know how to exaggerate my thoughts but that moment i feel like he was on a hurry and don't want me to just disappear from the crowd without him saying thank you.I felt his voice chased me and to his effort just to say "thank you". I feel blessed and I just gave him a smile back as a response.

That day he knew to himself that he needs breakfast more than a small bags of candies but i was wrong! with how he said the word "thank you" i felt like he's more than appreciative than I am. I guess he felt the moment he recognize that those are candies he felt that he's more fortunate than the other kids roaming around the streets just by having a small bag full of candies. At the same time I also feel the pain in his heart for not having that amount of candies everyday or not even having the basic meal he needs everyday. I feel ashamed to myself thinking how small my problems are and the guts to ask God for not having a close-to-perfect day everyday. And I just then realized how much small things would matter to a street kid and for how strong these streetkids to bare the scarcity and whatever problems they have in the family-or if they have and pains growing in their hearts. That day i started to envy street kid for having been the strongest people in the world that they know that they don't have a choice but to be strong. That these kids are the strongest and the most patient to wait for their turn to smile. Tonight I just decided that whoever reads this article even if it's not the most dramatic post you've ever heard or read in your entire life, I encourage you to add this up to your prayer. Ask God to help our street kids in our own country to be lessen and that in God's time there are more safe places to be given to these poor kids roaming around the street corners.

Matthew 18:19 "Again, I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven Let's ask

For they're also the first prey for sexual abuse, molestation, sickness and hunger. Pray for their parents or families if they have, to give them strength and capacities to work for their little ones.



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