A Million Questions Youth Ask Themselves

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We might be considered young,but the questions on our minds are more than the disaster an atomic boom brings about.A few of the questions we ask are listed below:

Why arn't we youths involved in decision making?We know lack experience,but with better guidance we are sure to achieve something.

Why are young people not used as envoies?We are young yes,but we do have the power to enforce change.

Why should someone cut down trees and clear land just to construct an industry or mine that justs pollutes mother earth?lets think of the future.

Why should someone train a child to be a soldier and serve in the war,instead of sending them to school to better their lives?

Why are some people enjoying 3-5 meals a day when others are starving to death?we are all human.

Why why why why?still geos on We live in a global world whether black or white lets consider one another first.Always envolve young people in the productive things you do because its through them that we will see a better world,Remember you inherit the world from us your children?led us by example.

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