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Be a part of the human society

Be a part of the human society

It’s been a while since I wrote for VOY. I’ve been very busy catching up with my new life as a university student. It’s a pretty hectic life but I will try my best to adapt to this new lifestyle of mine.

This new experience made me feel privileged that I’ve been chosen to study at one of the finest universities in my country. It was a rollercoaster ride for me. I was a little bit frightened by the whole grown up thing, but this is my sacrifice that I had to do to achieve my dream.

On the first day, the lecturer gave us a brief idea of university life. I vividly remembered what he said to us. He told us that our parents invest a lot of money on our education but we have seldom seen the importance of it. Last night we had a meeting for debate club as I was signed to be a member. They told us that education is important but also as important as the extension of it; our ability in soft skills. They told us that most of their friends can get a CGPA of 4.00 but they was not accepted to work under any government nor non-government field.

This made me realise that education was part of a bigger puzzle of life. It is as equally important as our communication skills, thinking skills and etc. They told us that we never call our parent and tell them that we studied until 3 am. We usually call them to tell our latest achievement either in education or activities that we join.

It is we who create ourselves. I believe that every educational establishment provided a chance to join extra-curricular activities. They have given us a platform to polish our soft skills and it is up to us to take or leave that chances.

My fellow youth: Our generation is engraved by technology. We are a smart generation but we tend to forget the art of communication. We prefer to tweet or text rather than build a real relationship by talking face to face.

I am seizing every opportunity that I can get to be a better human overall and so should you. I am a part of this human society and I want my piece. I want the ability to interact and improve myself not just as a student but as a human. I demand that every single youth to get out to the library and start polishing your soft skills. Only then we will be able to give back to our society.

Thank you for your time.

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