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UNICEF Youth Led Digital Mapping of Environmental Risks in&#...

Using kites, balloons and a mobile phone application called UNICEF GIS, 111 young people in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil were able to digitally mapped over 500 risk and hazard points in their communities. Directly from this map that was created, government and community leaders were able to see exactly where risks were located and they have already made fixes to a dangerous walking bridge and collected garbage on a hill that was creating a landslide risk.

Now UNICEF needs its supporters to help bring the UNICEF GIS innovation to youth in every country where it works. An organization called the Knight Foundation is running a "Networks Challenge" which will give away $5million USD to the best ideas which use existing networks to create a better world. If you want to help UNICEF and youth deliver critical risk-related information to those that can make a difference, please take the time to visit this idea page, like, comment and share.

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