A new challenge for entrepreneurs in Africa !

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Here is some info that could be interesting for you.

2IE (International Engineering Institute for Water and Environment) is an engineering school in Ouagadougou, specializing in Water, Environment, Energy and Engineering. 2iE ambition is to train engineers-entrepreneurs, capable of meeting Africa’s challenges. So 2IE is strongly committed in the creation of social and innovative companies in Africa, thanks to a specific coaching program.

Previously reserved for 2iE students and graduates, our incubator is now open for any entrepreneur wishing to engage in Africa, without restriction of age or nationality. Between 6 months and 2 years of support (as required by the project) for technical, managerial, legal and financial aspects to boost entrepreneurs’ ambitions!

The goal is to empower entrepreneurs to follow their ideas and create ambitious social enterprises in Africa. 2IE already supports the creation of companies with high potential and can now accommodate new entrepreneurs promotions!

How to apply? By submitting an application to the Green Start Up Challenge before September, 15th 2013. To get more information, visit: http://www.2ie-edu.org/2ie-lance-green-start-up-challenge/

And if you have more questions, just write and email to greenstartupchallenge@2ie-edu.org!

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