A new opportunity for education?

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In the midst of the twenty first century, we have come to combat the issue of Human Rights and Education face to face. Efforts from the international community for the past few decades had been vital in preventing human rights violations and maintaining education, but where are the progresses that we have aimed for? In the Millennium Development Goals, the United Nations has set out to provide universal primary education for all and despite the rapid improvements in the last decade; the vital goal may face failure. Human rights on the contrary have also improved but violations still occur around the world.

As it is evident, improvements are happening globally but the question I am raising here is whether or not it is fast enough. Many would argue that education and human rights are already at the maximum speed to which it can improve. This is definitely not true, in fact the rate of which improvements can happen could be and should be doubled within the next few years. I personally believe that the key to increasing development rates is to change things up and think outside of the box, beginning with education.

Why do students have to receive education in the traditional way, where you sit in classes and listen to teachers giving lectures? Why is it not possible to provide an education where students learn through computer video lectures, and attend school at a time students are available? We are living in the 21st century. By just providing a computer with internet access in schools, students can learn the same content as people outside of their country are learning, and more importantly it could tackle the problem of children dropping out of school for work. And if in the curriculum, we can add human rights education, wouldn’t it become much more efficient for spreading the influence? Whether or not this is possible will depend on the youth of today, and it is up to them to find a better solution to tackling the issue of human rights and education.

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