A puzzle called life

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"Sometimes it's so hard to see things when you're so close"

Have you ever been in a stage in your life when you feel that a lot of things are wrong? Or everything that's you've worked for years, things that you've been dreaming for so long seem useless because you fail and your dreams seem so far away? Have you ever felt so small and it's remarkably hard to believe in yourself and the only things that keeps bugging in your head is how much of a failure you are?

I think all of us ever felt that in our lives. Sometimes we wonder and think, trying to understand the reasons behind things that happened to us, and if we didn't get the reasons, we start to make excuses and blaming ourselves for what happened. we blame our selves because we should've done things better or we regret the words we said before and trying to envisage how things would be 100% different if we didn't do what we do in the past. Sometimes we feel that burden in our shoulders felt so heavy that you can't even enjoy little things in your life after you're having such a great lost.

When we through such a hard time in our life,one of the things that always make me able to go through those kind of days is having a new perspective towards things instead of keep remembering and having the thoughts of what ifs and what should have's.

I believe that our life is a big puzzle you know. Each things that happen in our life has their own contribution to that big puzzle for they are a part of it. And they're all have an equal contribution. why? because if a puzzle miss only one part of it, it's not going to be completed. The picture is not going to be what it is supposed to be. We have to understand that the picture in puzzle can be vivid and beautiful when we complete them, when you haven't finished it, you might not understand what is the picture trying to say or even what kind of picture it is . But if you be patient and keep doing it until it's finished, you will understand later what is that picture and what message it's trying to bring. It's the same with our lives.

When terrible things happen to us, and we don't understand why they occur in our lives, all we have to do is trying to change the way we see those things. Maybe those bad things that we feel are there to complete our puzzle and later on it will create a beautiful puzzle that we can't even imagine before. Maybe without them, our puzzle can't be completed the way it is supposed to be completed. They along with the good things that we have and will have in our future will create the best puzzle that God has created for each of us.

Don't let a part of our puzzle that tastes bitter hinders us to reach the future God has for us. A future that filled of joy and hope. If you give up, you are going to miss a lot of great things ahead of you.

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