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When young people from Ethiopia ask their peers in Liberia “What are you proud of”, this is their answer: “ We are proud to have access to internet program and to communicate with students in and around the world because it helps us to have computer skills”. Youth participants have voiced their opinions, shared photos of their communities, and asked questions on Voices of Youth Connect forums because they always want to know more about how their peers in other regions and around the world live and have a glimpse at their daily experiences. This curiosity and enthusiasm is what have made this project so special over the years.

From the wonderful pictures of landscapes shared by students in Madagascar while working hard on addressing environmental issues faced by their communities to the wonderful community outreach work by Liberian students focusing on raising awareness on the value of education while including out-of-school youth in their after-school activities make the Voices of Youth Connect community a space for advocacy and solidarity like no other.

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