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Rizal Fahreza

Rizal Fahreza

What is Agriculture?
Most of us realize that agriculture is a comprehensive food chain for people. Agriculture not only contributes towards producing the best quality of food, but also benefits creating a business. So, it is imperative and exhausting to embark on the understanding and importance of agriculture, more notably towards creating an entrepreneurship.

Agribusiness is a system focused on business. The system has prompted young people and beyond to open a new business in the agricultural field. From agribusiness, the agriculturist and/or entrepreneur can be attained easily, although success cannot be achieved instantly.

I interviewed Rizal Fahreza, a passionate student who is looking to pursue a career in agriculture. He is currently in his final semester of study in the Agronomy Department at Bogor Univeristy. He is influenced by the establishment of his career is the prestige position at becoming Head of Agronomy Student Association. The first career is by building agriculture - based enterprise which is known as Digdaya Buah Nusantara. He owns 9 hectares of agricultural land which are utilized to plant fruit and vegetables. His enterprise was established in Garut, West Java. His business is in joint venture between alumni of the Agronomy Department. His passion and spirit has been motivates to think about our futures. He also has strong leadership which enables him to manage the tasks and accomplish things. From his business, he has successfully attempted to engage the local community to work together in the field. In his agricultural land, he plants several species of vegetables and fruit trees. The most inspiring principle he seizes to manage in the business is that social-entrepreneurship should be applied because we are social people. “It is not rigmarole speaking, but it is obvious evidence that he have a certainty. Being an entrepreneur should be from your deep hearth and should be supported with enough knowledge to become an agriculturist." At least there is no vain knowledge about being an agriculturalist – based entrepreneur. I have helped the embodiment of the Indonesian agriculture to be sustainable.

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