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Appreciate your differences: forget about stereotypes

Appreciate your differences: forget about stereotypes

Stereotypes exist! And it is natural that they exist. But they are far too often used to degrade, humiliate or discriminate against others. People tend to generalize stereotypes and use them as an excuse to put themselves in a better position.

We don’t want to accept this anymore! We know that all humans are equal! We all have the same rights, share the same dreams and feelings.

Therefore we want to create an international youth movement in order to break stereotypes. We don’t want to be a generation that carries on the stereotypes of the past. We don’t want prejudices to rule over our lives and our relations with people coming from other countries, having a different cultural background or religious beliefs.

We want to make our own experiences. We want a world of equality, tolerance, peace and intercultural friendship. That is why we all have to ACT together!


Within this movement, we will realize a project designed to reduce stereotypes between Western Europe, North Africa and West Africa. And what makes our movement special is that it is not only focusing on existing prejudices about Africa but also about Western countries and within different African regions.

Through an active exchange and intercultural dialogue on stereotypes between students of different nationalities, we want young people to learn from each other, to be curious and open in order to show that stereotypes cannot be generalized and that we are all different but the same! We want to change stereotypical mindsets and perceptions.

We can only reach these goals by mobilizing as many young people as possible that engage in this fight against stereotypes. Together we are stronger to break discriminating prejudices. Take part in the creation of this new young generation! And spread the message! Join our movement and follow our project and activities by liking our Facebook page and sharing with us your experiences concerning stereotypes and your ideas and thoughts on how to break them.

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