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A couple of months ago, we mentioned that the Adobe Youth Voices (AYV) Aspire Awards had partnered up with UNICEF to give young people like you the opportunity to change their communities by providing three youth-led projects with grants to support the implementation of innovative initiatives.

We want to congratulate EVERYONE who took part in this competition – it is so inspiring to see so much talent and creativity being put to good use.

Now, the votes have been tallied and the winners are in! Drumroll please…

First Prize

The first prize of $40,000 goes to the YES Film Project submitted by the youth group of Shilpa Sayura Foundation in Sri Lanka. The youth group will create a 90 minute film on Child Soldiers by up-scaling the Child Soldier short created for AYV Aspire Awards 2013 as a collaborative project between Kandy and Lahugala youth who live 250km apart. The project aims to provide a solution to Youth Employment while addressing the issue of social acceptance of child soldiers returning to civil society after rehabilitation. The YES Film Project is unique in that it produces a tangible social good and addresses a global youth issue, making a positive impact on society.

Watch the video submission here:

Second Prize

The second prize of $30,000 goes to the FotoSynthesis project, created by a group of young people in Washington, DC, USA. The object of FotoSynthesis is to create a self-sustaining education program to connect middle school students in the DC area with middle schools students from around the world through a combination of social media and photography. Students will share photographs online to establish communications, practice a new art form, and learn the importance of social media. The curriculum will also include reflective writing prompts which will meet national 6th grade writing and reading standards. By combining education, photography, and social media, we seek to emphasize the equal worth of different cultures by highlighting similarities and fostering respect for differences.

Watch the submission video here:

Audience Award

The Audience Award of $20,000 goes to the Healing Paintbrushes Project. This project was started by a teenager from Los Angeles, California, USA, and provides art and technology resources to children in hospitals. This grant will allow the project to expand and reach more young people worldwide.

Watch the submission video here:

What’s Next for the Winners?

Now that the winners have been announced, what’s next? The prize money will go to the organization that is sponsoring the winning teams. The local UNICEF office will support the organization in its implementation of the project. UNICEF HQ’s Social & Civic Media Section will monitor their progress and how prize monies are spent.

UNICEF will work in collaboration with its country offices to support the implementation of the winning projects. UNICEF has years of experience implementing projects so that they have maximum impact on the communities. The structure ensures that prize money is awarded to vetted and trusted partners in a way that positively benefits young people.

And finally - over the next year, you will see regular updates by the winners here on Voices of Youth!

You can see the winners for all the Adobe Youth Voices Aspire Awards here:

Photo Credit: © UNICEF/MLIA2012-00564/TANYA BINDRA

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