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Acredite & Faça Acontecer 2012 - UNICEF- GIS

We are happy to share with you that more than one hundred adolescents in Rio de Janeiro have joined UNICEF and partners to improve living conditions in vulnerable communities. In the favela of Morro dos Prazeres, young members of Voices of Youth joined efforts to renovate a ruined playground.

Using kites, smartphones and GPS technology, adolescents all over Rio de Janeiro are putting pertinent issues on a map, advocating for social change in communities through leadership and taking actions towards a desired change. This comes to show that change can sometimes come from the youngest of all, and does not necessary require the support of local authorities.

One big hoorah for our Voices of Youth champions!

Have you taken similar actions in your community or city? If yes, grab your camera, pen and paper to share your success story with us! We would love to highlight them.

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