An Inspiring Emancipator: Raden Adjeng Kartini


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Raden Adjeng Kartini

Raden Adjeng Kartini

I am highly wonder – stricken by three feminists from my city of Jepara. They struggled for women's rights in Indonesia. Raden Ajeng (R.A) Kartini, Nyimas Ratu Kalinyamat, and Ratu Shima are all women emancipators. R.A Kartini was Indonesia’s feminist educator, Ratu Kalinyamat and Ratu Shima were outstanding Jepara Queens assisting Indonesia of the occupancies of the Portuguese and directed the Holing/Kalingga Palace.

From the above, Indonesia government has defined Raden Ajeng Kartini as a national woman, emancipator for education. She is hailed as a woman emancipator because she provides independence and self esteem for women achieving the education. In the Javanese tradition, there were gender disparities, especially for women. Under colonial occupation, women lived in villages and some of the aristocratic girls didn’t receive the appropriate education. If they did receive it, it was limited for distinctive educational levels. Kartini, young girls of the Regenct of Jepara, obtained high educational levels. She felt she was discriminated against because the other girls didn't have the same position as her. It was not absurd because of the Javanese culture as most Javanese women were kept in seclusion at home until marriage, which was usually at the age of 12.

Kartini asked to him the explanation of the above. On one hand, she rebelled against the strong tradition of gender discrimination. As her fervent to stop the discrimination, she shared her feelings to wife of the new Dutch officer appointed as Assistant Resident of Jepara, Mevrouw Ovink-Soer. As a result, Kartini changed the tradition of being received rationally. There was no discrimination on education, women had rights to attain the highest levels of education. Kartini also successfully increased education of Indonesians and raised the peasants' standard of living through agricultural improvements and the promotion of indigenous handicrafts. She wrote a prominent book entitled, "Through Darkness into Light," which became a bestseller. Her book was published in Holland in 1911 and had four editions by 1923. She also established a school for young girls in the Jepara Regency. She passed away at a young age of twenty-five.

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