Are New, Year-Round Calendars a Chance Worth Taking?


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The new trend in education seems to be the debate between year-round schooling, a balanced calendar, and traditional schooling. In my hometown, the traditional calendar was once again passed for this next school year, but was this the best option for our school system?

As we see many schools converting to a year-round calendar—consisting of multiple two week breaks and a month off for the summer—the question on whether or not the new schedule is more effective than the traditional calendar comes into play. As a current student that is graduating this spring, a new year-round calendar would not affect me directly. However, with a younger brother still in school and a mother that works in the school system, I am inclined to wonder whether or not a new calendar would be a better alternative or not. I know how easy it is to forget things over a weekend, a week, and a whole two months, and just in case you haven’t been in school for a while, it’s really easy. The solution for this problem in my local school system is to give over the summer homework for the more advanced classes that don’t want to waste a full quarter reteaching material that the students have supposedly already learned. This is somewhat effective, but I still know many students who forget anyway. So would this new proposed solution--year-round schooling--actually be a better alternative than these somewhat outdated schedules?

Honestly, I don’t know if it would be more beneficial, what with multiple two week breaks in the year, but what I do know is that many schools have either already switched to or are seriously considering the idea of year-round schooling. And, even though it isn’t necessarily proven to be better yet, I find no harm in switching over--if you don’t attempt to fix methods that aren’t working, you’re going to go nowhere. Regardless, I had very little hope that our school system would pass this new calendar; we are a somewhat traditional town with many opposing arguments from sports interference to work schedules. But maybe sometime in the future we will take the initiative to try something new in order to help our community become more successful. Only time will tell, but hopefully it will be sooner rather than later.

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