Are we fighting climate change

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Climate change is not a theory but, it is a real situation, which treats the survival of life. This is because all organisms on earth depend on the environment to sustain their lives. Climate change can be described as the significant change of weather patterns and conditions of an area, over a long period of time. Climate change is a natural process but, due to human activities (emission of green houses, pollution, deforestation etc.) the rate at which climate change occurs has accelerated. It is therefore saddening to discover that our unsustainable life styles and consumption is contributing to climate change.Today's population has more needs and wants, hence it is exerting pressure on the little available resources in the environment. Despite the massive dissemination of information and scientific research and data on climate change, people are still using primitive and unsustainable methods in when conducting various tasks especially in developing countries. Consquently it is therefore incumbent upon all individuals, organizations, and goverments to collaborate in mitigating and adapting to climate change! Let us be the change by reducing, reusing and recycling! Together we can fight climate change..

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