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Schools are re-opening

With the summer/Christmas break come and gone and all the major retail stores and advertisements lined with back-to-school essentials and reminding us that the academic year 2014 is awaiting its debut, here are a few tips taken from Teen Angst Psychology by Raychelle Cassada Lohmann to guide South African learners as well as other learners going back to school, to have a successful school year.

1) First of all, try your best and remember not everyone can get all As, so it is important to give it your all and know that as long as it is your best, then you are giving all you have got.

2) Don't sleep in class, as you may miss something really important.

3) Don't tick off the teacher, as that is not a good way to start the school year.

4) Get to school on time, be ready and prepared, and don't skip classes.

5) Be nice to people, including your teachers.

6) Don't just start with a positive attitude, keep that attitude throughout the year as this is likely to help you get all your work done.

7) Stay organized so as to avoid getting frustrated, make sure to have a separate binder for each class.

8) If for some reason you are absent for a few days, make sure to get the work you missed. Your teacher is the best person to get you caught up and to explain things to you, not your friends. If you are not doing well with something, learn to ask for help.

9) Stay away from the drama as this can take your focus away from your work.

10) Last but not least, get involved in extra-curricular activities, as work and no play can make your school life dull and boring. Avoid procrastination when it comes to studying and homework.

Wishing you a very successful 2014 school year.

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