Barriers to encourage Recycle Awareness Campaign

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We often hear people say that we need to recycle because it is very important. But how well do we know about the significance of recycle?

It is too sad to say that we humans live in this modern era doesn't have the awareness of recycling even though we have heard those long term issues like environment and climate change. We couldn't do anything about it, so why bother thinking of it? Let's start little by little from ourselves, like doing recycle work to reduce the waste that humans have created to the earth.

But unfortunately, there are a lot of barriers and problems that discourage the recycling act. As example for student, some school may invite some government agencies to give a speech on the benefits of recycling and advocate recycling campaign to encourage students to recycle but the result is always dissatisfying. They put a lot of money, effort and time for recycling campaign but the campaign doesn't reach the objective which encourages people to recycle in every day, every time. The government agencies and school teachers are failed to give a persistent on this kind of activity and the students are also lack of the awareness of recycling. As a result, the common practice of recycling is terminated as expected. Furthermore, people they are not sure if those materials can be recycled or not. No one tell us about the usage of recycle bin. For some people who may want to respond to recycling awareness, they purposely bring those materials they think could be recycled. But when deciding which one should it be thrown to particular bin, they are confused. After the first attempt, they may not do it any more. Some may not understand the benefits of recycling. Everyone does know it is important but they don't even know the main purpose of recycling. They should be told the consequence if they don't help preserving our environment from the general way and the significant effects if they do so. Lastly the authorities and ruling parties fail to allocate the consciousness on recycling issues. Any failure of service or inadequate provision of services provides people with an excuse for not recycling.

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