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Money is not just falling out from the sky so..spend it wisely

Money is not just falling out from the sky so..spend it wisely

Indonesia middle class grow rapidly as showed by huge amount of domestic consumption that contributes the most to the nation's economic growth. In big city, like the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta, people (youngsters include) flock to Shopping Mall not only for shopping but also for doing almost anything.

When I say anything, I really mean it since in Indonesian mall you can find school, office, concert hall, cinema and soon you can find museum!. Mall is not merely a noun, it is a verb since many things can be done at once when you’re at the mall.

People deem high consumption rate + car ownership as an indication of prosperity but when it comes to mall-ing habit the combination of those two is such a disaster. Try to pay a visit to some of the most crowded malls in town, you will spend approximately 20-40 minutes only for parking your car. The situation will get worse in early of the month when wages are freshly transferred to the workers' account.

I know, when people talk about Indonesia they tend to bring up poverty and other underprivileged people issues. I just want to bring fresh perspective on Indonesia. It’s true that a lot of people still live under poverty line, but in another side of the country a significant amount of people indulge themselves with swanky goods.

The ubiquity of the shopping mall is a sign of people’s fondness on shopping. As the earning goes up, the spending will go up too. Youth, most of them still financially depend on parents yet their spending can be as much as financially independent people. As a fellow youth, I think it is very interesting and ironic at the same time when I observe my social circle habit.

I am not against those young big spenders, if you have a lot of money then you have a legitimate right to spend it on everything. I do it too, occasionally considering I have limited amount of bucks (but if I don’t, I may be the one who queue for the brand new gadget imported from US).

But can we just think more in every buying decision we make?. Do we need it or just want it? Do we REALLY need it or MERELY want it?. Will you die if you don’t own particular stuff ?.

Need and want are the core concepts in marketing and the marketers know exactly how to blur the line between those two. But, as a smart consumer we must be able to draw an unseen line between wants and needs.

Again, it is our right to spend your money but think twice before we spend it. There is a significant effort made by someone in every little thing that we take for granted.

And, I was once a city boy who thought that the shopping mall is a centre of city-life’s gravity. Now I know I was totally wrong. I still need and love hanging out at the mall, but I know the city, the country, and this world have so much more to offer!.

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