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Let's just wonder if you had a large aquarium. And you had enough money to buy everything. What would you buy to fill it? Would you buy many fish with different types?

That aquarium I am talking about is actually our world. We live in this beautiful diversity. I am talking about the people all around the world, with their own unique appearance and special abilities. So why are we having these silly war? Is it because we hate diversity, or is it because of two greedy people fighting for power and they look for something that can possibly be the reason for a war : our diversity?

What is so wrong about living together in diversity? Can't people just appreciate others and have a great life? Can't we just accept the way people are without being annoyed or even without annoying people? A war starts when someone feels greater than others, and he wants to make things the way he wants to be. And then there are some people who don't agree, and, bam! It is war already.

I can't find at least one good effect on war. People might say, if you win a war, your name will be written in the world's history. Well personally I don't want to be known as a war maniac. I much prefer to be known as the peace maker. Seriously. Why is it so hard to understand?

I dislike war. I dislike conflict. And this is the 21th century. I think everything can be solved nicely without any violence. Why waste great people for one man's greed? Why waste the differences life has given to us? Why do some people love to threat and kill others? I bet Muslims and Christians can live normally and happily. I bet black people and white people can live together. The only thing that makes a difference is OUR MIND. If we all have a clear mind, then wars will never happen. But because of one sick mind, the world becomes a chaotic place.

So start with your own mind. Do you want war, or do you want peace?

And then the final question is : Do you want us to live in a beautiful diversity, or in a monotone and boring world?

How will your big aquarium be?

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