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When I think of our world, I think about all the people who have suffered, people who wake up every day uncertain about their future; People who didn’t even have the chance to meet their families or whose relatives were taken away from their hands. I think about pain, about all we’ve been through as a community, and about how people still stand up every day and fight, for their lives, for their needs, but most of all, for their rights. I think of them and I want to do something, for them and for our world: our reality. I want to act because I know not enough people care, because I think there is a solution we are not seeing, but mostly because I want peace.

People say things have changed, they say it was worse in the past, but I think it’s the same. Religion hasn’t stopped being an issue over which we discuss, neither has power or land. Women all around the world fight for their rights every day, civil wars carry on in countries, poverty and hunger keep spreading like a deadly disease. The only difference is that now we have a way of spreading the word in just seconds, of letting everyone know about what is happening in OUR world. But we also have more distractions, more apps in our phones, more TV to see, more meetings to assist to, more work. Blind ness is what hurts us the most, looking at the world only with our eyes.

In moments when our brothers and sisters all around the world need more help, most of us turn around, ignoring the sun that is shining right in our face. It’s like if we were alone in our own worlds, but that’s just not how it is. Our home is scarred, but it is still ours, and we need to heal it. We need to act, to learn about our past and our present, but most important, we need to create bonds.

“Ubuntu” is an African philosophy that can be translated as “human kindness”. It means that it doesn’t matter who we are, where we live, our color or our belief, we are all connected, and everything we do leaves a footprint in the world: “I am what I am because of what we all are”.

Most people say I won’t be here the day this world finds peace, but I don’t agree . I think peace is reachable, especially because peace isn’t only the nonexistence of war, but also the learning of values of brotherhood and compassion, which are natural to humans. We are all linked because we live in the same house, but also because we tend to be empathic, we naturally care for each other.

There are problems like poverty and hunger which can’t be solved in one day, but peace already exists in some places, it is not impossible to reach. It won’t be easy, but it is waiting for us, like a light gleaming in the distance, and like every good thing in life, it will take its time to achieve.

So an ode to peace, to the day when we see every child having enough food and clean water, everyone in this world being able to have an education, every soldier arriving home, and all prejudice wiped away from our minds. If I’m not here the day it happens I still would leave knowing I took a step, and because I am certainly not the only dreamer, I know every day we are closer to the light, to the state where we all deserve to live in.

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