Because of Finance, Students are Banned to take a School Test


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Is finance will be a barrier to get school?

Is finance will be a barrier to get school?

Oh my God, schools are the determinants of some imperative positive activities of students. The right activities will generate students to be the best students, whereas the deviated activities will bring about students to behave improperly. However, formal regulations determined by educational stakeholders will not absurdly affect students in the right and or in the wrong.

Although regulations which are defined by stakeholders as inappropriate, students do not receive an allowance to go to school and test well. Furthermore, in Indonesia itself, children and youth are free to stay in school without paying much money. Until the government has authorized rights under of the national law to give children and youth a free education and scholarships, the issue should be addressed. Nevertheless, some schools out of the regulation and law authorize and known by citizenship.

It can be proven by this story where a school which has good reputation banned their students to take an examination due to their financial situation. “A few days before the final semester, there were two men students who confronted problems paying the school fee. They were not rich men, but they had a great passion for education and following lessons in school. They always attempted to look for more money to pay the fee, because they also had to take tests. We didn’t know why they didn’t have a chance and opportunity to get a scholarship. Their school provided scholarships for smart and lower income students. As the test was held, the students went and came to the school. Prior to coming to the start of the test, a test observer checked the documents used as evidence that the students had paid tuition. Apparently they didn’t have one of the documents so the observer commanded them to get out of the class. They were not allowed to take the test. Finally, they left class and took the test outside of the class. Suddenly, the head of the administration came and saw them. There was an interactive discussion between these students and the head. The head decided to help them because there was no regulation to out the students as they didn’t have much money to pay tuition. The students were able to follow the semester test properly like the other students.” From the above, the lesson learned is that we can say “education is for all; no limitation for who wants schooling, even if they are poor.”

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