Being Fearless: How to Stop Time by Matt Haig

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One of the bestsellers of the summer of 2017, “How to Stop Time” by Matt Haig indeed is a legendary book. And if you have read the author’s other must-read “Reasons to Stay Alive”, you can count on this tale to also behold the motivation you need.

The plot of this defying tale includes the magical wonders of time-travelling used as a parallel to history – which is portrayed throughout to be alive.

The main character has one of the most bizarre roads to be taken, yet the forests of life he endures are appallingly similar to life today.

And though the story’s title itself is an awe causing one indeed , it is a tale which teaches us not only the importance of time ever since history, but of history itself, and last but not least, the importance of life.

Time is a treasure. Imagine you had to switch spending your time with known fellows to be spending it in a new forced identity, with strangers. Although it is rare that such circumstance dawns on ourselves, the pillars of this story greatly enforce that time is limited.

We spend most of our time in this world wasting that treasure. Thinking about which identity to portray to the world, instead of just being ourselves. We doubt ourselves, and most of the times, people end up “living” in a bubble of lies. Imagine the burst of potential the world would get if that didn’t happen.

Most people don’t know how to spend time wisely.

They stop away from the path of doing well, because it probably would be a “hard” task, and probably wouldn’t make them famous.

They don’t speak the truth because of doubt.

They put a stone on their hearts to prevent love from springing, because of the fact that it may come with hurt.

Fear is the culprit to why you are wasting the treasure of time.

You let the waves of opportunity dance in front of your eyes. You are curious and there’s a temporary sparkle in your eyes – but that moment, the golden moment, is swept away with the tide – because you didn’t take the “risk”.

Think about it.

What is life if we are going to waste the time within worrying about the future? Instead of making it?

- The future is you.

- A wave can kill you. Or you can ride it.

How to Stop Time, The Right Way to Win at Life:

1- Live without doubt.

2- Love everything you do.

3- Live in the moment.

4- Do well – goodness has its own harmony.

5- Chase the flow you want. Take the road you want to take.

6- Allow yourself the happiness for everything you want to be happy by, with, and for.

7- Embrace the truths of life. Dare to be true. Be yourself.

8- Be grateful for the TIME.

In short: Conquer Life by being FEARLESS.

Have no doubts, and take all the so called risks, if it’s what you want, it’s worth your time.

Don’t be afraid of time – but embrace it, and it will flow with a synch to your life.

Time is limited. We haven’t got much of it in our sand-clocks probably, but we have enough. Whatever we encounter every day, we encounter for a reason. Pursue your purpose, and treasure the journey, the time.

And the best thing which a mortal can say, is to gather the moments – time cannot steal moments. You may think of your losses as the robberies of time, but think of the warm moments, the memories.

Life is nothing without time.

Keep track of it.

- Unitika Schlawenger

The book “How to Stop Time” can be found at:

*This article is free of spoilers, and is aimed to be a discussion, not merely a review.

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