Believe in climate change?

Avatar Maria Eugenia Rinaudo
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What is the climate change? Is real or not? We doubt believe in this environmental and social problem?

I dont know if "BELIEVE" is the right word in this context, because we are talking about experiences and international documents that showing that climate change exists and is a process, which is being accelerated by our extreme activities against our environment.

WE DON'T NEED BELIEVE..!! We need only see the many evidences and traces left by the climate change around the world.

Today, the climatic conditions are irregular, and this abnormal situation create destabilization in the holistic planetary system, affecting all sectors (economic, political, cultural, social and environmental).

Is not only see international documents that attest that the climate change is an anthropogenic phenomenon. All this is based in visit the many places that have been beaten with extreme climatic events (as shown by Ban Ki-moon - UN Secretary General a few days in Sydney) and talkin to the people affected. Is the most important strategy to know about the climate change and the extreme events aroun the world.

Remember, that's in our hands the future of our planet and almost of all, is OUR RESPONSABILITY..!! Let us take the climate change seriously..!!

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