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Breaker 2

Alkasar is the name of my film , which means " Breaker " in English , and this name is related with all the actions of the film , which talks about the reality of life in Gaza Strip , the film talk about the suffering of people here and the bad circumstances which they faced and still face every day because of the Israeli siege on Gaza , this siege let many of the Palestinian people working hard in order to find a piece of bread for them and their children, so here in my film I talk about those people specially children who left school to work in this hard job , they go to the settlement which the Israeli left it to take the stones from it , and collected it to go with it to " alkasara " to re manufacturing it once again , to be used for building , because here in Gaza , the material of building is not allowed to enter Gaza, and the only choice is to bring it from Egypt through tunnels , but it is not good for our use , what children and the other characters of the film and even Gaza people , what they bring from the Israel settlement is strong as the Israel occupation used to build their settlement on moving sand , so they used strong material for building , here in my film I made description for the hard trip of work for the character of my film who reflect the reality of Gaza people , many of those children are kids , for example " Mohamed " & " Ali " they go from the morning until the afternoon and without went to school , some of them to help the family , a another because his father cannot pay for him or his mother , another because of the " poverty" etc.. but the problem is not here only , because what they had after the difficult work is so little and cannot be enough for ant one of them or their families , but they don't have any other choices

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