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This is your chance to be a Blogging Intern with Voices of Youth!

Do you care about social and youth issues and want to have your voice heard? We are looking for 10 young people to blog on VOY at least once a week and participate in the online discussions.


How should I apply?

Please fill out this application form:

What do I need to qualify?

- You should be between 14-24 years old

- You should have internet access to stay active and participate on VOY. No travel is required, this is a remote internship.

- Ability to blog in at least ONE of the following languages: English, French, or Spanish

How long is the internship?

- 6 months

What will I gain from my VOY Bloggers Internship?

- Improve your writing skills

- Gain new insights into development issues

- Explore and learn about new digital media

- Give youth a voice

- Receive feedback and support from VOY community managers on your blog posts

What are the internship requirements?

1 minimum post per week

Comment. Be sure to check the comments on your posts to continue discussion and further engage with others in the community. You never know who may post or what other ideas they may spark for your next post!

Monthly Report Sent to VOY Internship Manager. You will send an email at the end of each month complete with the posts you have uploaded over the past month.

Participation in the Bi-Monthly Debate:

Share VOY and VOY posts via your social media network accounts

Take part and engage with the Voices of Youth Facebook page ( and Twitter account (@voicesofyouth)

Submit a Behind the Voices Profile so the VOY community gets to know you! (See featured section here:

Create an Inspire! Portrait at least once over the course of your internship (See featured section here: (

We strongly encourage you to read others' blogs and contribute to their discussions as well!

What Will I Receive at the End of My Internship?

Each intern will receive a certificate of merit upon completion in a satisfactory manner.

**Deadline for Submissions is June 10th **

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