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I have been on holiday now for 4 months, I have been working in a nursery. Like most places, no one person is the same! Especially the languages they speak. The nursery I work in is very diverse! Staff and children alike are from South America to Asia!

I have loved it! I feel like a child who has been given their favourite toy! I decided to learn a few phrases from the Arabic, French, Urdu, Latin and Hebrew language.

I have square eyes from being in front of the computer learning “twinkle twinkle little star” in Arabic, Japanese and Korean. The reason is because I know the children enjoy listening to different yet familiar things! Also for my own understanding. Just spending a few hours on studying the languages I have understood so much about the cultures. This just helps me understand the simple question of “why”. It has helped break down so many barriers amongst my colleagues!

I have this urge just to mention what I have learnt to everyone in my path! For example I spoke Urdu to a child who had just woke up, I said “are you ok” and the child nodded and gave me a hug. I said “hello” in Arabic to a parent and they were very shocked, but we exchanged smiles. I spoke to a very intrigued college about my language interest. These are just some of the experiences I have encountered.

Many people have asked “why?” (Also I’ve been called crazy and told there is no point!). However I simply say “well why not?!”

The real reason why for me is because being hopeful to have a career in education I will encounter many individuals from all over the world! So why not make it a lot simpler to learn about them a bit more! It has saved many confusions just in a short period of time.

It has been a surprising experience, I am happy I have spent my holiday wisely!


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