Celebrating Africa's literary works

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A pictorial view of Africa with the African Literature

A pictorial view of Africa with the African Literature

Literature celebration:African literature as the name was coined refers to the literature originally from Africa. It can be termed as the literature of Africa. As postulated by George Joseph in his chapter on African Literature in Understanding Contemporary Africa is “the artistic use of words for the sake of Africa alone.” The African continent of vast lands and the black race through its illustrious literary works and its sound creative writers have been making significant changes. These changes are pivotal enough that the world of literature is going to be incomplete if Africa is to be exempt from the concept.
Countless writers have been emerging from Africa pioneering from the 20th century to the ensuing recent years. They have been celebrated in high regard- being able to capture the essential abode of African literature in a culminated venture. Their manner and borderline geniunity towards the customs, norms, traditions and goals cannot be overemphasized.
Things Fall Apart, a novel written by Chinua Achebe was on the road to be a lightening star with all blinks of the eye seen as a pacesetter with him in many places revered as the father of African literature. Arrow of Gods nonentity to nobody’s name but Chinua’s is a legacy worth remembering. The Swallows of Kabul was itself written through the egalitarian work of Yasmina Khadra of Algeria with no any matter of doubt is a notable work of an African child.
Nonetheless, the works of Ngugi Wa Thiong’o, a playwright and novelist are incredible not like others: literary brave heart not taciturn to praise. The Black Hermit is a play complete and Wizard of The Crow is also notable among others.
I was relieved at how my grief wears away as I avidly glance through Purple Hibiscus. Your literary prowess exemplary applying such an unconscious elixir compels your eyes to stick to the flipping pages. Thanks to you, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Complicated is Abiku, a poem penned by Nobel Laureate Wole Soyinka. As the lines in Wole's poems and memoirs fall through, they hastily lodge themselves better and better in the VIP wing only to the reach the lucky and privileged. You are indeed incredible.

On Journalism, Autobiographies, and More: Journalism, you once coined yourself by one face. You were flipped opposite the face of the coin making it into the house of the literary spirited minds. I believe eloquent and confident minds make good literary writers. Konadu Asare, you are a celebrated writer of The Gold Coast. A Woman In Her Prime is proof of your eligibility among the incumbent literature writers. Your autobiography, The African Child is obvious that an autobiography can be penned by self-praise and concocted bias. Camara Laye, you gave the book its light and you fitted it well in the oral tide of The Radiance Of The King. Not leaving Lewis Nkosi of South Africa, Mandela’s Ego among your works paved the way for self-confidence, perseverance and the possibility of a life etched for good. Mating Birds and Underground People added to your worth. Ben Okri and Buchi Emecheta are insatiably talented amongst others if shortlisted will deserve better praise. Zahrah The Windseeker and The Famished Road deserves our praise to your name Okri. The Bride Price and The Joys Of Motherhood garnered Buchi for an unwavering praise.

What is literature to you?As a writer of literary works, I call myself a novice. Literature from my viewpoint entails a message no media outlet can substitute. It is exaggerated into scores of genres for interested individuals and made subject to add from its splendor of aroma. If well supervised, information ranging from descriptive characters to deliberation of issues arising neatly explains more than any means plausible in literature.

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