Changing the role of pollutants

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The combustion of wood, oil and coal results in increased levels of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide acts as a greenhouse gas because it lets natural light in through but traps out on going long-level radiation. The consequence is that increased levels of carbon dioxide are slowly making the earth warmer causing climate change.

Greenhouse gases can cause depletion of the ozone layer which protects humans from cancer of the skin. It also reduces the immune system for humans and animals. It can also cause an increase in the spread of infectious diseases. This climate change can be reduced by reducing the use of pollutants.

In order to reduce global warming, we, the people of this earth, should work hand in hand to stop climate change by raising awareness on how to promote afforestation.

- Jessy Mwandwe, 16 year old pupil of Luanshya Girls Secondary School

Unite 4 Change Luanshya ambassador

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