Christian Girls in a Sexy World

no picture Brown Ehikioya Victor
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Coupled with the buzz of religious norms, the relationship with sexual health and development in most parts of the world - girls are a major entity. There are huge barriers raising the heights against change due to religious tenets and other viral misconceptions of girls sexual health by uneducated and uninformed dictators. Most Christian girls socialize and connect with youths of the opposite sex. Frankly, the main course for this, is to associate with the outside world and spread the word for change. In Nigeria, there's an upheaval of distrust when it comes to Christian girls associating with boys of different social and religious backgrounds. The enmity connected with youths of a different background makes it difficult for social equality takes effect. Most girls have become rigid due to the religious norms governing the idea of equality. Our social conditioning as males and females is an important determinant of sexual risk behaviours. The pressure from religious beliefs like,'' no sexual intercourse till marriage, no dating and socializing with the opposite sex," pressures most girls into engaging in sexual behaviours they don't want. As a result, this increases their risk for unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease. The importance of the matter is that these girls due to pressure from religious norms have rapidly increased the rate of teenage pregnancy and STIs - which is a major threat to a promising society. I believe that, if we can raise our voice to the governing religious superiority in our environment, then we may experience social equality.

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