Discipline Gone Too Far

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Recently, a grandmother and stepmother were charged for murder charges after punishing a nine-year old girl. Supposedly, the little girl lied to her grandmother about eating a candy bar and was punished by having to run for 3 hours straight. She became so dehydrated, that she had a seizure and died. Now, the grandmother and stepmother are facing some legal problems.

Personally, I think that what happened to the little girl is awful. She is nine years old and should not be punished like that. Its one thing for teaching her right from wrong and making her have punishments for doing something wrong. Then, for her family to not be worried about her and check on her after running for such a long period of time, that is neglect. The family did not handle this situation properly and now have killed a child.

I think discipline is there for a reason and many parents should enforce it. But there is a certain line that parents and adults should not cross. They need to enforce rules and make kids learn from their mistakes, but the punishment should not kill a person.

Kids have children rights, just as adults have human rights. They deserve to be taken care of and not neglected and not killed for silly reasons. This little girl should not have died over a candy bar.


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