Disparities Between LGBT Youths & The Nigerian Culture:

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They aren't too many people who identify as LGBT in Nigeria. But we have been able to parry the disparities we have. Life and the circumstances it dictates has curbed the desire of man to either appreciate or pulverize its contributions. Many a time, I have tried to understand why there's no equality between youths of different sexual orientation and society. Some say, these youths have violated the laws of nature and existence but from what I have figured out, it's bluntly a choice. With choice, we have redefined the principles of life: "Choice, influence, decision, and in deciding we set the goals and objectives of our future."
Today, we have a future that emerged from the choices we made years ago - which instigated war, peace, hate, discrimination, youths with different sexual orientation, poor governance and many others. For over a decade, we have been able to comprehend the reasons why these properties have become a dominant fact in our lives. Today, we have boys who have turned gay (due to certain obligations resulting from choice), and girls, lesbians, as well as youths who equate themselves to both stance. From my research, here are some crucial areas that constitute a high proportion of disparities between LGBT & society:

1) RELIGIOUS NOTION : Christianity, Traditional rights, as well as Islamic principles don't encourage the relationship between man to man and vice versa. In Nigeria, there's a very high standard in religious notions, which governs the affairs of positive living - that is living up to standard. Youths who are (Gay, Lesbians, Bisexual or Transgender) are shunned, to avoid profane contamination between young and inspiring youths. This equates to no acceptance, with an increase in Gender Differences.
2) FAMILY: The family holds the foundation of every youth, and also admits to a purposeful and proactive attribute set by them. Most families have certain principles they adhere to so as to attain a positive lifestyle. Thus, they don't support the abnormal behaviors (in terms of sexual orientation) their child may portray. The attitude set by most parents reduces the standard of youths in a given environment. Since they aren't accepted in their homes, they go out with a wrong mind set.
3) LAW ENFORCEMENT & THE GOVERNMENT: Recently in Nigeria, the bill for a 14 year in prison for youths who are (LGB) was passed, which shut the door to acceptance and cordial agreement between (LGB, non LGB youths and the Society). Certain laws attributed to youths with different sexual orientation raises an unequal relation between youths of the same or different peer group and other external working grounds. Thus, there's no security or peace.
4) ENVIRONMENTAL STANDARDS: Most environments despise LGBT youths and as such raise hands for condemnation when a LGBT youth is caught in the act. These laws or principles which originate from governmental notions and environmental standards looms the street of most countries, not only as a warning but as an opportunity to end a life. This conditions creates an unsafe avenue for LGBT youths, reduces self-confidence and self-esteem.
5) DISAGREEMENT IN SCHOOLS: Nowadays, schools - Private or Government owned, don't encourage a mixture of youths with a different sexual orientation in their surrounding, to avoid contaminating those that aren't practicing such acts. In a real sense, the environment plays a huge role in the development of schools. Thus, since there's a disagreement between LGBT youths and the environment, the school closes the door for an opportunity to meet other youths and learn as well.

LGBT youths have rights too. The way we act should also influence and elevate the standards which has nullified the way things are with these youths.

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