Does this world belong to us or do we belong to this world?

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There was a time when all people in the world were trying to conquer it and rule over it. In other words they were trying to make the world “theirs.” Many of us today believe that man has improved since then, but have we really?

We still treat the world as if something is ours alone and we will do whatever we want with it. We still use (actually exploit) resources as though they were made only for our consumption. It’s high time we realise that this world, our Mother Earth, was not made for us alone but rather we were made to fit into this world. In other words, Mother Earth does not belong to us but instead we belong to her and this “ownership” has some responsibilities linked to it.

We cannot leave this world in a state that is worse than what it was when we entered it. Here comes the importance of sustainable development. Our future generations should at least be able to live a life that is as good as ours if not better. So let us join hands in promoting and exercising sustainable development.

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