Draining impacts within the last 40 years

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When one hears the word ‘drought’ he/she immediately thinks of intolerable heat and lack of water. The effects of drought are much worse than what appears in any of our minds. Droughts have a HUGE impact on the resources we need to stay alive (like water and food).

The drought that Maharashtra, a state in India, has faced recently was the worst it had ever faced in 40 years. To add to this misery, the management of existing water resources is not at its best and there is a lack of a proper policy of water distribution. Ironically, Maharashtra, a state having the largest number of dams in the country is still facing droughts. Due to this, there is an acute shortage of fodder for cattle. To make things worse, cash crops like cotton and sugarcane have been visibly destroyed due to lack of irrigation.

This ultimately led to many of the villagers selling off their lands and migrating to nearby cities for jobs.

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