Early Marriage: A Negative Stereotype


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early marriage

early marriage

One of the biggest problems faced by some women is early marriage. The consideration sometimes tends to correspond to their parents. Their parents want to command their daughters to attain the highest carrier and well rounded education before getting married.

However, early aged-women feel a dilemma as they want to decide what the best way is whether to marry or choose other options. Perhaps, some negative stereotypes occur when young women who are aged less than 21 years old marry.

Below are the following reasons why they decide to choose early marriage:

Religion: Some religions and faiths allow man and woman who are not able to maintain their desire to conduct sexual intercourses. For instance, in Islam woman and man will receive sin from Allah SWT when they conduct improper ways (pre-intercourse before getting engagement by marriage and dating). If improper intercourses were conducted, it is like animal behaviors. So, some religions also prohibit these negative attitudes because it will help women to be the holy human.
Parents: Some women decide to marry early due to their parents' commands. It means they are the obedient one and should obey the mother and father. We still remember that the heaven is under mother's feet.
Abortion: the miscarriage is always carried out by women because they don’t want to get shyness from getting a not kosher baby outside of marriage. The occurring shyness was caused by psychological traits acquired by women from the society that particularly influence the privilege of a family. For a quick solution with innocent feeling, they will endeavor to abort the baby.
Sexual Crimes: Early marriage can reduce sexual crimes. It could be proven by news telling us that many seductions and sexual crimes cause no limitation to obstruct the worst desire for men or women. In addition, by the absence of technology such as television, internet, HP, and so forth; pornography films and attitudes are easily found by young people so that it will attract them to conduct seductive things.

There are positive and negative sides of early marriage, but we can’t accuse woman who want to choose early marriage. Perhaps these reasons will answer your questions.

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