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Photo Courtesy: UNICEF

Photo Courtesy: UNICEF

The fate of mankind, as well as religion, depends on the emergence of a new faith in the future. Armed with such a faith, we might find it possible to resanctify the earth. This faith is us, the young people, taking charge of implementing the sustainable future that our leaders will discuss at Rio+20. Let us not just talk but acting too.

We are the youth of the world's society. We are the only hope so let's make some noise!!! Let us show the world how serious we are in promoting an Eco-generation. Let us infect nations with Rio+20 using every media available to us. Let us use dance as protest, let us use anything we can use to get the message across, and let us knock on government doors and help them honor their promises, because you and I know the government cannot solve every problem, but when we unite we can. Everybody all over the world has bowed down to the influence of social media. I say we use that as our weapon to spread the message of Rio+20 and lay the foundation for a sustainable global earth community.

Though we are two years past Rio+20 I believe it had one of the most impacting themes at all Earth summit and if we are to follow that path we'd make some progress already, for some countries.

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