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Planting endemic species of trees

Planting endemic species of trees

The United Nations have examined that ecocide should be included as the fifth Crime Against Peace. From the above, we know that previously ecocide is brought about by not always a crime of intent –but also crime of times of war and peace.
The most fascinating question is: why times of war and peace are included into ecocide? It is explicitly written in the draft Ecocide Convention 1973, revealing that: “Man has consciously and unconsciously inflicted irreparable damage to the environment in times of war and peace."

It could be intended that by the ensuing war or perpetual aggression, it will generate the disturbance of the environment such as pollution, forest destruction, etc. At the end, the dream of peace could not be easily attained because of such disturbances.
As a result, it demands to settle ecocide by an innovative solution. A green solution is by establishing a fundamental environmental education which is well known as ecoeducation. Education should be implemented worldwide notably for children and youth.
In Indonesia, ecoeducation is implemented and collaborated with certain courses related to environment and health. Perhaps, it has prompted students involving children and youth on raising environmental awareness.
Ecoeducation has positive impacts towards environmental conservation. It could be measured by the increases of the intangible awareness of children and youth. Not only, the above, but also the culture of peace will be easily achieved, so that ecocide will be in the end.
By cooperating between government and educational institutions, the project of eco-education will be sustainable to be executed because we need the penetration and infiltration of ecoeducation values embedded into children and youth.
The most imperative things are the contents of education. The content of ecoeducation should be suited with the characteristics and traits of targeted one. The proposed gist program comprises 1) by adding environmental knowledge; 2) by executing environmental actions i.e. planting, painting, and so forth; 3) by embedding environmental morals.
Perhaps ecoeducation is one of green pathways to end ecocide despite of the other alternatives. However, the effectiveness should be considered because, although it is well rounded, the destruction of environment still perpetually ensues. So, we should endeavor to halt ecocide by your actions because we have not inherited the environment, but we have borrowed it from the next generations.

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