Education - Theoretical or Practical?

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Make iT happeN !!!

Make iT happeN !!!

We go to school to learn, to be acquainted with a literal KIND of knowledge which gives us the ability to comment or comprehend on a subject wisely. Education brought a light to the world and shaped the way we see things. But one problem we still have is whether to dwell on its "Theoretical aspect" or "Practical part". In Nigeria, 80% of what we do in government owned schools and private work-grounds are 'theoretical' - there are no practical equipment and the areas for the conduction of these practical are not appropriate for learning. * The government raises little or no budget for education - Because, 'the governing body created by them to address this issue see no reason to raise shoulders. Thus, we are allowed to follow the theoretical aspect of education. * There's no awareness, and students go home with theoretical examples they are taught at school - making them brilliant but not creative!
Today, we have graduates, thousands of them without good jobs because they are theoretical youths: youths who can only solve equations and read for hours without putting to practice what they have learnt. Thus there's an increase in unemployment which reduces the growth of the country. Note: "supposing out of a 100%, 15% of youths understand the practical note of what has been taught, then good jobs can be created by them" - which can be termed as... Self-Employment! For the most part in Africa, only a handful of students understand and can show with clarity what they have learnt from profound schools.

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