Effective policies give children in Angola a second chance to learn


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Despite recent economic development, Angola remains a society deeply scarred by the still-recent civil war. The conflict caused massive internal displacement and refugee outflows, along with the collapse or destruction of key agricultural, health, education and transportation infrastructures, limiting the government’s ability to provide basic public services. This has resulted in a series of barriers to children enrolling and remaining in school.

Appropriate financing, national adoption of best practices and country-level monitoring and evaluation are the essential building blocks of a successful education in emergencies programme. The fourth goal of the Back on Track programme points to evidence-based policies, efficient operational strategies and fit-for-purpose financing instruments to uphold education work in emergencies and post-crisis transition contexts.

In Angola, Back on Track funds were used strategically to build or rebuild institutional capacity and systems and to address key populations of children whose education was interrupted during the protracted conflict. In this context, children of all ages have needed support through education. Below, we highlight interventions for children in the early childhood and adolescence age groups.

To read the full story, please visit: http://www.educationandtransition.org/resources/effective-policies-give-children-in-angola-a-second-chance-to-learn/

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