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A country is a region legally identified as a distinct entity in political geography. We all belong to our original countries that have silently and proudly watched as grow and vise-versa.

We, as a country's loyal citizens swell with pride whenever our distinct countries are mentioned, awarded and appreciated in public events over a remarkable deed. Each nation has its own unique identity.

My country Kenya, may be known for its serene, green and fertile nature. However, If there is one thing that the Kenyan people are proud of, is our love and zeal in sports. Sports is Kenya's identity. Over the years, Kenyan athletes have won marathons, steeple chase races and also swimming competitions.

Sure, we may often disagree with each other's opinions on certain matters. But when it comes to sports, we are one and forever will be united as we support our brothers and sisters who struggle to make our country proud. As Kenyan's we owe our athletes our highest gratitude in their continued tireless efforts.

Apart from sports, Kenya has globally been recognized for its amazing wildlife, specifically the big 5, its diverse National parks and the ever breath taking coastal sandy beaches. However, the most important thing that distinguishes Kenya from other countries is its culture.

Kenya is composed of 42 tribes. Recently, a revelation of one of our cultures made me stiffen. Little prickles of fear rose on the nape of my neck as I slowly absorbed the unfolding story of the "Samburu" culture. Any uncircumcised lady who gives birth, that child is immediately killed in one way or another. This is done because they believe a child born from an uncircumcised mother is a curse and a huge burden for that particular community.

Fortunately, the government of Kenya along with the commission of human rights has strongly condemned that way of living. They are on a mission to rescue those tormented girls from a nightmare of a culture.

We often complain of petty things in our lives that can be eradicated within hours or even a day. However, for the struggling "Samburu" girls who live with fear, getting through each day is like running a marathon.

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