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Since the beginning of mankind, humanity has continued to utilize their surroundings and the planet's natural resources to our benefit. From fire to fuel, we pillage the planet to satisfy our human desires and we will likely continue to do so until our species' demise. And while we are one aspect of the world's biophysical environment, in recent years we have also done the planet more harm than good. Human activity has resulted in negative implications within the natural state of modern-day Earth, and while we resume with our lives, certain parties have decided to take these environmental issues to hand. These organizations are facets of the environmentalism movement, who seek to educate society on the adverse effect of human actions on the planet via advocacy.

The various issues that this social movement addresses include climate change, pollution, the depletion of resources, and the endangerment of flora and fauna. And through the idea of 'sustainability', these environmentalists seek to alter the 21st century human's standard of living to maintain our rate of resources. As societies continue to evolve and adapt, the strain that we place on our planet increases by several degrees, and the environmentalism movement seeks to compromise that. For the human race to live sustainably, the amount of resources used by us should be proportionate to the rate in which said resources can be replenished. Environmentalism is about searching for a balance between our standard of living and the Earth's.

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