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For centuries there has been an ongoing fight for equality all around the world. In the U.S. for instance it started with the Native Americans to Africans that became enslaved by the white man. Then came the final equality stance; the one for women's rights. From simple things as working to voting rights. That was centuries ago yet the problems are still present.

Around the world women today aren't receiving the equality that they deserve. Whether it may be doing the same job that a man has done yet is paid way less or being taken advantage of women have always gotten the short end of the stick. Nowadays it starts even before birth particularly in China as many parents would rather have boys than girls and have gone to great lengths to make it that way.

I personally have never felt such inequality which makes me wonder how many women in the U.S. have felt it. Is it truly that common still? I knew that it was common elsewhere in the world but this entry made me stop and think about if it was in my own backyard as well. Its weird to think that people discriminate due to skin color or gender. The U.S. was supposed to be about freedom in every possible way but it seems that this has never truly been the case. Im sure that many have gone out of their way for everyone to have an equal chance at life but is it enough?

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